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Martin is a man of many passions and even more imagination. This has led him to write books within a variety of disciplines.

The businessman within him pushed him to create advice guides within the subjects of sales and marketing, designed to help any small business owner to grow their company.

The dreamer in Martin took him to the stars to write his first Young Adult Sci-fi novel which with inspire and excite any fans of the genre.


The  child and father within him caused him to create his own series of Picture books to delight any infant.




8 Simple Steps to Business Development

This quick read guide will give small business owners the tools they need to start a sales and marketing campaign and help grow their business.


8 Simple Steps to Business Development

An instructional guide for sales people to creating avatars to help identify marketing and sales strategies for potential customers.





Are we really alone in the galaxy? There are some questions that you don’t want answered. When an American Space Force attracts the attention of a deadly alien race, the attack on Earth is quick, brutal and decisive. The attack leaves the human race with only a handful of ships and a small band of refuges trying to survive and take revenge on those who took everything from them.

Childrens Books

Children's Books


New  Release!

Izzy Explores Her

House In LockDown

During the strange time of the Pandemic Lockdown our brave explorer Izzy is stuck in the house like so many of us. Taking the initiative she chooses to show her best friend and best Monkey Mike how they can enjoy themselves without leaving the house.

Izzy Comp.jpg

Izzy Explores the Jungle

Books 1-3

Books 1 to 3 of Izzy Explores the Jungle in 1 handy compilation book.

izzy 3.jpg

Izzy Meets Fergie & Tracie

Izzy Explores the Jungle 2

Izzy embarks on another mission in the jungle, this time helping an elephant who has forgotten his way home.

Izzy 1.jpg

Izzy Meets Peter & Geraldine

Izzy Explores the Jungle 1

The first exploit of Izzy in the jungle. Where she meets a funny giraffe and a troubled parrot.

izzy 2.jpg

Izzy Meets Bertie, Betty & Freddie 

Izzy Explores the Jungle 3

Izzie’s third exploit in the jungle where she learns that favour given can lead to one returned.

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