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Martin Wallace

Martin is a husband and father living in Milton Keynes with his wife and 2 daughters. He is a career businessman having spent his life working in sales, marketing and management.

He graduated from Coventry University as a mature

student with a BSC in Disaster Management fuelled
Martin’s ambitions to try something different. Even
he put everything into his work in order to
be Martin always felt
his passions lay elsewhere.


"Martin is back at it again, stronger than ever!"


Martin has always aspired to be a writer, but never believed he would ever be able to finish an entire book. Starting a
number of projects, the wannabe author failed to get past
the first couple of chapters.

During his final year of University Martin realised that he was actually capable of producing long texts; he used that skill to successfully finishing his first book, a non-fiction book called “8 Simple Steps to Business Development”.

After the birth of his first daughter he was inspired to start writing children’s picture books called “Izzy Explores”,
which lead to a trilogy and compilation book.

Now that Martin had found his rhythm he went on to produce another business book “Do You Know Who Your Customers Are?” as well as his very first fiction novel “Retaliation”.
Martin is now continually working on new
writing projects for his ever growing fan base.


Martin had always thought that he would enjoy stand-up comedy, but without any training or experience and with
no idea on how to actually get involved he had never
taken any steps towards it.

Martin was never worried about taking to the stage as
he was a confident public speaker

but writing and performing his own material was a challenge that he had never thought was possible but after reading Lee Mack’s autobiography “The Notion” he was motivated to take the stage and in 2015 Martin took to the stage to perform his first ever Gong style night.

The first experience went so well that Martin couldn’t wait to get going again, taking on gigs in Milton Keynes, Northamptonshire, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.

After a short break, Martin is back at it again and is
stronger than ever, by taking on daily challenges his skills
as a comedian have broadened making his live gigs
more diverse and entertaining.

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